Techniques and energy systems and engineering performs the most efficient supply, evacuation and treatment facilities with different fluids, equipment and materials adapted to ensure regulatory compliance, quality and environmental safety.


  • For industry.
  • For domestic and commercial applications.
  • Water supplies.
  • Media supply for laboratories.
  • Treatment and purification of waste in fluids.
  • UV systems for disinfection (Legionella, germs and parasites) in hydraulic installations and in air. To make water drinkable, for processes in the food industry, sanitary hot water (DHW). Cooling towers and other systems (Royal Decree 865/2003 Article 13)
  • O3 systems for disinfection.

The conductions made for the aforementioned systems are adapted to them mechanically and thermally, guaranteeing their reliability and durability.

Pipework systems

  • Distance driving.
  • Transport of various fluids.
  • For natural gas and ERM (Regulation and Measurement Station)