To conserve the value of the initial investment, to ensure that the facilities operate safely and under optimum ecological conditions, to provide well-being to users, to save energy, to adapt the facilities to new conditions, are the objectives of maintenance in Tysein.

Buildings, as well as industrial processes, are increasingly complex and the facilities that are equipped, more sophisticated. For that reason, office buildings, hotels, banks, hospitals, laboratories, industries in general, etc. They demand professionalism for the maintenance of their facilities.

Prevention, diagnosis and correction are essential to maintain the value of the investment and avoid much higher and disproportionate expenses.

Tysein, offers a wide range of services within the maintenance activity, each installation is different and therefore we offer a Maintenance à la carte.

We have offices near our clients, technical specialists to define and solve the problems of their installation, and highly qualified operators.

Maintenance planning, detailed control of the operations carried out, real-time periodicity, historical file of operations, file of technical specifications of the equipment of the installation and calculation of performance of the different equipment.


  • Driving
    • 24 hours - 365 days / year.
    • Central alarms / Telemessage
    • Energy saving
  • Preventive
    • Programmed
    • Predictive
  • Corrective
    • Breakdowns
    • Change refrigerants
  • Reforms
    • Modernization of facilities
    • Adaptation to regulations
    • Adaptation to new use
  • Spare parts
    • Inventory calculation
    • Supplies

Techniques and energy systems and engineering offers a solution tailored to each installation. Our customers can choose between different maintenance services according to their needs. We offer a Maintenance à la carte.


Driving facilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Continuous service of urgency and monitoring, guarantee of operation, registration and documentation of all important information, periodic reports and control of energy expenditure.

As a result, our customers get a significant reduction in energy and operating costs.


We perform preventive maintenance tailored to the facilities. With periodic maintenance the installation will last longer. We guarantee a profitable and ecological operation.


Immediate attention to breakdowns that arise in the facilities, either with the staff featured in the installation itself or with the support staff for reforms.


Facilities that do not meet current requirements, because they are technically old or must adapt to new regulations, need modernization. Tysein, modernizes the facilities and guarantees an optimal and profitable operation thanks to the dialogue with the client, the analysis and realization of proposals.

Spare parts

Tysein, studies the most suitable stock of spare parts for each client and attends to the supply of any type of spare parts for the equipment that make up the facilities.


The facilities can be monitored from our control center. The breakdowns are detected, located and announced at the time, allowing our staff to attend them immediately.

Sectors of action

  • Conservation.
  • Control.
  • Maintenance.
  • Repair.
  • Renewal.
  • Driving facilities.