As depositaries of our customers' trust, we understand the needs of the owners, users and managers of buildings. Our integrated design offers economic and neutral solutions in terms of products, while considering the operating and maintenance costs during their lifetime.

Through laboratory tests and numeric simulation, we ensure maximum conservation of resources with minimum energy costs.

Fields of action

  • Air flow measurements.
  • Tests of components.
  • Acoustics measurements.
  • Development of sistems.
  • Bio-chemical analyses and partical counting.
  • Tests in buildings.
  • Consulting in air flow and control technology.

Controls Done

-Total integrity filter HEPA / ULPA Q01 / Pro_001-2 according to UNE 100713 and UNE-EN ISO 14644-3-3: 2006
-Determination of air flow and renewal rate / hour Q01 / Pro _008 according to UNE 100713: 2003 and UNE 100705
-Determination of differential pressure Q01 / Pro_006 according to UNE 100713
-Determination of temperature Q01 / Pro_003 according to UNE 100713
-Determination of noise level Q01 / Pro_005 according to UNE 100713
-Determination of relative humidity Q01 / Pro_004 according to UNE 100713
-Container of particles QC01 / Pro_002 according to UNE 100713-10.2 and UNE-EN ISO 14644-1-3 and revision of Annex 1 of GMP.
-Test of visualization of the air flow Q01 / Pro_007 according to UNE-EN ISO 14644-3
-Microbiological control QC01 / Pro_009 according to UNE-EN ISO 14644-1
-Determination of the brightness level based on the procedure Q01 / Pro_011 according to INSHT Safety and Hygiene in the workplace and IES-RP-CC006.2 and in the IES-RP-CC002.2